Microsoft Office Account for Home and Business

Microsoft recently made some changes in Office 365. End users can now have the option of choosing between Home and Business accounts.

In a real sense home is only associated to one person. If you decide to open a business account, you’ll require all of your employees. If you’re not looking to share files in your office, then you should go with a home-based account. If you own multiple PCs at work , then an account for home is ideal since you can have the same email address for all of them. On the other hand it is if you only have one or two PCs at work, then a business account is the best option since you’ll be able share your folders and files with other users and it will be much simpler to control your files.

There are five email addresses in total: each account can include up to 5 distinct email addresses attached to it. If they are to be used as your primary mail address then the first one will be your main address, second address is an alternate and so on. Home accounts don’t allow this feature, but commercial accounts do. You can set up the account as a home one and your first email will be your primary. However, subsequent emails will utilize the same user name as the sender. This can lead to confusion because they could appear like they were sent from you , even though they were received from a different person within your business.

File size limit: Home account has a limit of 20 GB. If you’ve lots of large files you want to send the business account will be the best choice since for each user and for each office365 webmail (Hotmail/Outlook) mailbox we can get 1TB storage space that is virtually limitless in terms of file size.

Home accounts are intended to be used for sharing emails between you and family members. You cannot share documents but there aren’t other limitations. The Business account is different. It is completely free of restrictions in regards to sharing documents or not, however it does not allow users to share their email with others (so the majority of users will need his own mailbox).

More information: Microsoft Live/Outlook/Hotmail accounts can be linked up to five individuals. This means that to establish a new email address it is necessary to have at least two accounts. However, business accounts do not limit this and you are able to add as numerous email addresses as you want.

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